Frequently Asked Questions

1) How can I read? After choosing one of the types of fortune telling and choosing the appropriate fortune teller, fill in the information requested from you and complete your payment. When you complete the payment process, you can understand that your reading has been sent from the "Payment Successfully Completed" warning that will appear on the screen, and you can follow whether your reading has reached us or not in the "Waiting readings" section below. Your reading will be interpreted as a voice or in writing. If you have a problem with payment or think your reading has not reached us, please contact us through the "contact" section. 2) When will my reading be interpreted? After sending your reading to your translator, your translator will respond to your reading within 4 hours at the latest, depending on the intensity. Readings received by our translators after 23:00 will be interpreted within 12 hours. 3) The section where I will send my reading does not open? Some older browser browsers run into issues such as the payment page not opening. We recommend using the Google Chrome browser for easier use.4) Do I have to pay to become a member? You must be a member to be able to trade on, our membership is free. This membership not only allows you to do your on-site transactions, but also to benefit from the opportunity packages we have prepared for you. 5) Has my reading reached the fortune teller? In order for the reading to be delivered to our translator, please make sure that the payment page is closed after the payment process and a warning is given that the payment has been successfully completed. Later, if your sign appears in the "My Waiting Readings" section on your profile page, your reading has reached our translator. 6) I don't like my reading, can I return it? Pursuant to the Membership Agreement, it is not possible to request a refund for dislike and other reasons. In order for the comment to be returned, it must contain derogatory, inappropriate and / or derogatory statements or a copy of another horoscope.